Benefits of Webcasting

Cheap, accessible, and taking advantage of current social media trends, webcasting is an excellent means of connecting to an Internet audience to send a message. Corporations and large businesses can benefit from webcasting so they can become their own independent media to forge a more direct and personable connection within their company, their loyal clients, and their target market with each webcast.

Getting the Message Out

A corporation’s webcast can be as basic as a message about the corporation’s product or service. These messages can be something product upgrades, sales promotions, hiring announcements, or events they plan to attend. Webcasting like that by INXPO enables corporations to become their own news service. A simple webcast integrated into social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will get the message out to the Internet audience and raise awareness of the corporation.

Talk to the Audience, Not at the Audience

Businesses can talk endlessly at an audience. But given how quickly and easily it is to connect and communicate with each other through today’s technology, people want to be talked to directly, not talked at. Webcasting is a cheap and efficient means of communicating to an audience via live broadcasts. Webcasts can share screens of information presented in an easy to understand interface with an ever expanding Internet audience. Webcasting also allow live Q & A between the audience and company subject experts. Instant polling and surveys let corporations gauge audience opinions during each webcast. When a target audience feels directly engaged with the corporation, they will feel more invested in it. Corporations can track webcast activities and analytics to improve their product or service as well as subsequent webcasts.

Communicating Within

Webcasting isn’t always about reaching out to the target market. Depending on the size of the corporation, internal webcasts may be more efficient and informative than the physical meeting that people have to travel out of their way to attend or the conference call where people can hear each other—if the connection is good—but cannot see or share the same information together. Internal webcasts can gather entire departments within the corporation or the entire corporation without having to physically be present in the same building as long as they all have Internet connection. In addition to video chat, every participant can share screens, slides, and other information with each other during meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page. Meetings become more efficient as employees can immediately resume work from their offices once the meetings conclude and the information is still fresh.

Talent Spotting

Webcasts are excellent hiring tools. They can announce hiring events taking place online or at a designated location. Interested candidates can be invited to webcasts to learn more about the corporation while the corporation can learn more about the candidates. HR can also announce open enrollments to all intended employees and provide application information with one webcast.

After weighing the benefits of webcasting and deciding to use it, make sure to use a webcasting service that can deliver live video content, enables screen sharing, allows for live Q & A, syncs with social media, and allows personal customization and service options.