Jobs with Friends – New Social Referral Site

Imagine having all your Facebook and LinkedIn connections combined into one massive list, being able to see where every connection works, and seeing if that company has any job openings available. That’s what Jobs with Friends offers for free to anyone who wants to try it out. You just connect your Facebook, your LinkedIn, and with the press of a button, you will see all of your connections with companies that are currently hiring.

This process changes the way job seekers apply for jobs. You are now able to ask a connection to refer you to the position you want and send your resume over so they can pass it along. These unique features are the first I have seen, and it will help people who are job searching immensely. All you need to do is to browse through your connections, click on a company you like, and filter jobs by keyword or location, making it extremely easy to job hunt. Check out Issa's Linkedin for an example.

Here are instructions on how to use the site when you get to the dashboard:

  • First, upload your resume so your friends can download it when you ask for a referral
  • Look for companies by searching their name or by browsing your friend list. Job listings will be taken from or will be Google’d automatically
  • Send over an invitation to your friend to have them join Jobs with Friends to ask for an introduction
  • You can filter out the Facebook friends who have not listed a company or add a company for them
  • If you do not find what you are looking for, you can search the job listings directly and CareerCloud will let you know when a friend works at a company

Personally, I know people who would love to use this kind of tool. Facebook and LinkedIn are a huge part of people’s personal and professional lives, and combining the two social networks over a separate job-focused platform would increase your chances of finding a job. Starting out in a professional career, people will naturally have more Facebook friends thank LinkedIn connections. However, if you leverage your Facebook friends to be your own recruiting army, you are going to have a much better time in your job hunt. CareerCloud’s CEO, Chris Russell says, “If I’m looking for a job, I’d rather start with a tool like this.”

For more information on Jobs with Friends, visit their site at